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Management & Corporate Services

Incorporation of BVI Companies and Partnerships

We incorporate BVI Companies & Partnerships and provide registered office and agent services for these entities.

Provision of Directors and Nominee Shareholders & Officers

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With the Director having over 15 years of experience in the administration of trusts, companies and mutual funds, Trinity offers to its clients the services of personal or corporate directors for BVI entities. Services of the director will be, among other things, the issuance of shares and updating and upkeep of the share register, maintenance of the corporate seal, executing of documents and agreements that may become necessary from time to time and the overall management of the company. Trinity also offers nominee shareholders service where the beneficial owner prefers to use someone other than themselves as a shareholder of a BVI company. Company secretarial services are also offered wherein varying secretarial functions are provided for BVI companies.
Trinity provides personal director services on behalf of a) ordinary BVI Companies and b) in specialist cases such as Private Trust Companies (PTCs), or mutual Funds.

For details of the due diligence information that we will require to provide this service please click HERE.

Provision of Liquidator services

Where a BVI Company enters into voluntary liquidation, it is mandated that an individual liquidator is appointed that is capable of performing the duties of the liquidator as outlined under the BVI Business Companies Act. Trinity provides these services for solvent BVI Companies. These services will only be provided for BVI solvent companies.

Assistance with the application for a BVI trust or mutual fund licenses.

This process may be viewed as daunting and complicated by some clients. Trinity's team of experienced professionals can assist our clients with the application process for licenses for either a BVI Trust company or a mutual fund.

Tailored corporate services

These will entail services such as issuance of powers of attorney, preparation of secretary's certificates, drafting of corporate resolutions etc.

Other ancillary corporate services

These will capture services such as applying for certificates of good standing, company searches etc., arranging for legal opinions and having documents notarized and apostiled. A comprehensive schedule of our services and fees is available on request.


Ship registration

Ship Registration services are summarized in this section, read below for detailed information

Where a vessel has been sold or the owner decides to transfer the registration to another jurisdiction, Trinity can assist the owner in having the vessel removed from the Register of Ships in the BVI.

Submission of annual maintenance fees in respect of the vessel
All vessels registered in the BVI are required to pay an annual maintenance fee to the Registry of Shipping for maintaining the vessel on the Shipping Register. Trinity as Local Representative Person will arrange for this fee to be remitted to the Registry of Shipping.

Assistance with any post ship registration services
Once a ship is registered in the BVI, the client may on occasion need to conduct various activities in respect of the vessel such as changing its name or requesting a transcript of registry to indicate whether there are liens against the vessel. Trinity can assist its clients in this regard.

Shipping Registration Downloads


For more information on these services please contact our office.